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       46573 CONTINENTAL DR

          CHESTERFIELD MI 48047


  • Interpolated machining center, designed for high speed machining of large-sized aluminum / light alloy / composite material / impregnated fiber work pieces
  • Highly valued in the manufacturing of patterns and structures, finishing of components for the automotive, aerospace and marine industries, as well as machining of aluminum moulds for foundries. 
  • Stabilized steel frame, movable dual-rack nand gantry-handled bridge. 
  • Sturdy, accurate and offers manifold customization options and a wide range of work tables


  • Its compact design makes it easy to fit into any production environment, while still benefitting from the ample working envelope.
  • The monobloc structure ensures stiffness and accuracy throughout its lifetime
  • Maximum accessibility to the working area for piece loading/unloading by manual or automated systems
  • Fully acoustically-lined enclosure contains the dust and suppresses the noise generated by the machining operation


  • Very large working areas for the maximum production freedom
  • Wide range of electrospindles,designed and manufactured by CMS
  • Broad variety of working area(single zone or tandem cycle)
  • Accuracies ensure suitability for the most demanding machining operators (aerospace, motor sport, etc.)
  • CMS Adaptive Technology integrated into the control to achieve maximum material removal rates with out reducing surface quality or accuracy

Movable-bridge machining centers specifically designed for high speed processing of composite materials and light alloys, providing exceptional motion dynamics to ensure high productivity.  The advanced structural design avoids machining vibration and achieves excellent finishing quality.



  • High Speed 5-Axis machining center, especially designed for the high speed machining of aluminum, light alloys and composite materials
  • It is provided with linear double-drive axes and rotary direct-drive axes
  • Ensures top-ranking speed and accelerations along with high-level accuracy and repeatability.  Especially appreciative in the automotive industry, also owing to the superior rigidity and extensive machining volume.